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March 7, 2013
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   Work brain work! Why wouldn't it work!?!? I need to draw something. Wait, I don't like drawing. I love sketching. I need to write something. A story. A poem. Anything.
   Music. YouTube? What's on YouTube..... I haven't seen this song before. Ooh~ I like it. Favorite~! What? I have 39 songs in my playlist? But.... but I like all of these songs. Wait, no not this one. Or this one. WAIT, I deleted the wrong one! WHY!? I really liked that one.... Uh, what was the name of it again?
   Shouldn't I be doing homework...? Yes I should. I really, really, really, really, should. Hey look, a Message!
   "Ciao" it said.
   "Hei" I replied.
   "I dunno"

   No response after. Same as last time. No no no no!! Nein nein nein nein NEIN!!! My lasagna...... It's.... It's cold...... My smoothie.... It's..... It's gone..... Thirsty. Ever so thirsty.....
   Homework. My priority is homework. Gah, backpack's too far away...... Huh, wonder if I got any Messages on dA..... None. Zero. Zip. Alright. HOMEWORK.
   Backpack's too far.....
   I need warm this lasagna up.
   Microwave's too far....
   Wait, what am I supposed to be doing again?
   Something that is far, though. Hmm, what could it be...?
Didn't put much effort into this one. I really should be doing homework.....

Wait, WHAT am I supposed to be doing?
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Conversation indeed c: :nod:
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